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Seeing Double - S1:E7


Jun 30, 2017

Alison Tyler, Brooke Wylde, Ryan Driller

BIgtit Blonde Brooke Wylde is all dressed up for her date with Alison Tyler and Ryan Driller. When Alison joins her at the window, a kiss on the back of her neck is all it takes to leave Brooke too horny to leave. She turns around in Alison's arms and pulls the brunette's dress down for a taste of her girlfriend's huge knockers, enticing Alison to return the favor.

Soon both girls have peeled off their dresses and relocated to the couch wearing just their thongs and high heels. That's how Ryan finds them, and he's smart enough to mentally write off their date so that he can join in on the action. The girls work on getting him out of his clothes, dropping kisses and pressing their boobs to every inch of revealed skin.

Rearranging herself so that she's seated on the back of the couch, Alison hums with excitement as Ryan leans forward to lap at her sweet juices while pressing two fingers deep into her tight twat. Brooke is eager to help double down on Alison's pleasure with deep kisses. When the trio switches it up so that Brooke is receiving the same attention that Alison just enjoyed, the blonde can't contain her joy.

When it's Ryan's turn to enjoy some oral sex, he lays back and lets Brooke and Alison take turns doing all the work. They hold each other's hair while they deep throat Ryan's stiffie one at a time. Next, they each push their breasts together so that Ryan can titty fuck them in turn. Their double BJ keeps on going as they share his cock and balls, enjoying every moment of their musky delight.

Dropping to her hands and knees, Brooke presents her bare pussy for Ryan to take however hard he wants. Alison is right there for Brooke's enjoyment, rubbing her jugs and offering deep kisses to muffle her cries of delight. Ryan doesn't falter for a moment as he pounds away at Brooke's creamy snatch, leaving her right on the verge of cumming.

Making eye contact with Alison, Ryan knows just what his brunette coed wants without any words being exchanged. He curls up behind her, spooning her as he slides deep. His long sure strokes are just what Alison needs to fill the room with a chorus of monas as Brooke stands by to enhance her enjoyment any way she can.

When it's Brooke's turn for another round of pussy pounding, she climbs on top of Ryan's hardon and slides down until she's fully impaled. Thrusting her hips, she works up and down while her bosom bounces in time with each movement. With Alison's helpful hand rubbing her clit, Brooke works her way to a body shaking climax.

Climbing aboard Ryan's dick the moment Brooke is finished with her ride, Alison enjoys her own pussy pounding adventure. Although Brooke takes a moment to come down from her climactic high, she soon finds herself straddling Ryan's face so that he can feast on her slippery snatch as Alison continues working towards her enjoyable finish.

When the girls are satisfied, they make sure to give Ryan the same level of enjoyment that they have just experienced. Pressing their boobs together, they work him with long strokes until he explodes all over both of them. Exchanging one last kiss, Alison and Brooke enjoy the last moments of their passionate threesome.

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